supporting anxiety in schools - holistically

Half of all the mental health conditions we experience at some point in our lives will have started by age 14. At the same time, childhood presents the greatest opportunity for intervention. Investing in prevention and early intervention gives children the best opportunity for good mental health and wellbeing. (Australian Institute Health and Welfare)

 Anxiety disorders are the second most common disorders among all children. This contributes heavily to their education as an anxious Childs brain is unable to learn or process information. The great news is  Anxiety can be easily managed with the right support, skills and strategies in place.

Healthy Mindz aim is to educate parents with the knowledge to understand anxiety, the signs & symptoms and learn strategies  for themselves and how to support their children. Helping children arrive at school calm and courageous gives our children the best chance to learn and helps support our teachers to be able to get on with the amazing job they have to do.

By working together we can build brave, resilient, independent children, create less stress upon our teachers, create happier healthier families and prevent mental health in our youth.

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supporting teachers

Teachers are working under a crush of more mandates, more high-stakes assessment, and more personal and professional stressors than ever before. To do their best work every day; to educate,  inspire students and support the students socially, mentally and emotionally, we need to support them where ever possible.  By understanding the impact anxiety has on the student, their ability to learn, their confidence and their wellbeing in the classroom,   we can help ease the burden this places on our teaches and support them to get on with their incredible jobs. There are many ways Healthy Mindz can help support our precious teachers.


supporting parents

Being a parent is on of the hardest jobs on the planet. We are programmed to respond to our Childs distress. Raising anxious children adds another level to this role. Not only do we have to support our children but we also need to manage our own anxiety when our child is suffering.  How do we know when to wrap them in our arms or have  firm boundaries with a tough love approach..  Healthy Mindz is here to support you with the knowledge and answers to these questions. Until we have been given the information about anxiety, what keeps the cycle of anxiety going and how to best manage anxiety, we are all just doing our very best to support our children.

Supporting anxious children

There are many different reasons why we are seeing much more anxiety in our children. The world we live in today brings a variety of challenges which all add to the fear, worries and suffering. They have to grow up much quicker in this world and their brains aren’t developed enough to manage all the information. Knowing how to support our anxious children is an important skill which involves managing our own anxiety.  An anxious child”s brain is not able to learn because it is doing an important job keeping the child safe. teaching our children the skills how to recognise anxiety, how anxiety works and the skills to manage it themselves will set them up for the rest of their lives. These children are important people in the world… they are empathetic, kind and understanding as they have inside knowledge on the suffering in the world, they know first hand how it feels. There are many ways Healthy Mindz can support your anxious child.

Supporting anxiety in schools package

Healthy Mindz offers a complete program for schools. The approach is holistic, bringing together all aspects of supporting children with anxiety in schools. Healthy Mindz can help schools set up and implement anxiety programs to support the children and the staff to create a supportive system to enhance learning with calmness and care. This includes:

A meeting to discuss school anxiety support program

A 45 minute Presentation to staff

A 45 minute Presentation to the Parents

Continued ongoing support for parents and their children.

It is vital that when educating our children's brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts

Dalai Lama

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