I am a mother to two young daughters and I am passionate about inspiring people to be the best they can be in this life.  My aim is to equip them with the skills to not only better cope in this life but to flourish and be healthy holistically: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
I am original form the UK and have lived in many countries around the world, finally basing myself in Australia.

I became a counsellor in 2005 after experiencing a significant period of inner growth myself in a therapeutic environment. I practised the application of these objectives and continued in depth training in these specific areas which enabled me to volunteer with such organisations as Lifeline, Drug Arm and Brisbane Woman’s Refuge.

I have since added more formal qualifications such as Diploma in Mindfulness, Youth Mental Health First Aid and a Diploma of Child Psychology. I am currently studying Diploma Youth Work.

I am a big believer in the holistic approach of the mind and body connection. Having the practise of Yoga as part of my personal wellbeing regime, I was inspired to complete my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Having taught yoga for over 10 years, I completed my Rainbow Kids Teacher Certificate in 2018. I love teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to adults and children alike, helping them find many skills and tools through the path of Yoga.

Seeing firsthand the benefits of empowering children with such skills as self awareness , self regulation, mind awareness and anxiety management, I have written a book on mindfulness for children with a view to reaching a wider audience.

I now integrate these skills in alignment with my personal experiences in tailored individual and group counselling, mindfulness or yoga sessions as well as in corporate workshops.

I balance this all with bringing up my young family, ongoing education and continued self development….one breathe at a time!!

It is an enormous honour to be able to assist people when they are at their most vulnerable, to walk beside them and guide them. I am grateful for this every single day.



A Mindfulness book for Children (and Adults!)

Millie is a young girl who experiences anxiety and big overwhelming feelings. Luckily her wonderful cat Jasper reminds her how to relax and calm her self down. We are introduced to Millies ’Monkey mind’ who stirs up all her worries and fears. Discover how Millie connects to her ’Gentle Turtle’ within to help conquer her ’Monkey Mind’. Observe Millie as she practices her techniques to manage her thoughts and emotions as she builds her inner strength, confidence and resilience.

Mindfulness is an ongoing practice for us all. Being present, connected to your breath and detached from your mind is where you find your stillness and peace. Children not only benefit from Mindfulness in the short term but it also sets them up with skills for life to manage stress, make positive choices and create healthy habits for a happy life.

My Motivation

I was inspired to write this Mindfulness book for children after working with my own daughter who’s anxiety was triggered after we were involved in serious car accident. I drew upon my knowledge, experience and passion to create skills and techniques she could use to help manage her thoughts and emotions. I searched for books around these issues but I found them difficult to find and in limited supply. I use some of these techniques when working professionally with young children. The children find it helps them to understand what anxiety is and they find the techniques fun, easy to use, helpful and manageable.

Our mission is to create a series of books which are child friendly tackling a variety of emotional, mental and social issues. Our aim is to assist with ‘EDUCATION FOR EARLY INTERVENTION’. We want to promote awareness around these issues before they develop into something more serious. The earlier we can intervene the better the outcomes we see later. We want Parents to feel empowered with skills to assist their children and themselves or feel confident to get help they require. The early years of childhood lay the foundation for their future with academia, social, emotional and behavioural success. If we can teach children these skills in their formative years, they carry them through their elementary years and beyond.






“Let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen!"

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